Our Story

Once upon a time a girl met a tired old caravan (on ebay) and instantly fell in love...

Her husband said ‘don’t buy it’

She bought it.


Her husband went into deep shock and denial so severe, she thought he might never recover.  And so she called upon her papa to help her bring the tired old caravan back to life.  

Sometimes, when her husband was feeling a little better, he helped out too. And as the poor tired old caravan gradually came back to life, the girl named her 'Sunny'.


Before long, Sunny grew into a beautiful, happy space who makes everyone smile (including the Girls' husband). Now you can hire Sunny and pretend she’s yours.


Even if it’s just for a little while . . .

It followed 

me home

What started out (in my mind anyway) as a cosmetic - pretty her up with paint and curtains job - turned into a much bigger project... So. Much. bigger.

Buyers Regret..? Yeah/Nah

What have I done. .?  I began to panic and felt completely overwhelmed! 

I couldn't even look at her for a week or so.  Damn you wood rot!! Yet, there she sat, looming over me in our driveway, like a big fat lemon. Oh dear.

Papa to the rescue!

That is when my Papa stepped in and offered to help me!  I think it turned out to be much more than even he was expecting in the beginning! But he never complained #blesshim

The whole family got involved. My mama, hubby and kiddos!  and 16 months after she arrived she was completed. Our beautiful Sunny


Glamping Hire!